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Our Core Values


Our transactions and interactions both with customers and employees will be guided by integrity.  In a world where a person or companies’ word is hard to be trusted, we seek to change that narrative. We will accomplish this by following through with contracts, clear communication, and both customer and employee satisfaction, even at the expense of the company.


Life tends to just happen, but we will strive to push past this default mode, and seek to operate from an offensive position.  We will work hard to build relationships grounded in trust. We expect and welcome pushback from employees and customers, and will find ways to become better from it.  


While we bring skills and experience to the table, we recognize that there are new ideas, processes, and products that produce a better end result.  We will find ways to utilize these new things in our relationships, work, and business development.  With grateful hearts we embrace our skills and abilities, both old and new.  


We recognize that manual labor is not always celebrated, so we seek to encourage and promote the satisfaction that comes from a good days work.  Along with the physical work, we seek to create an environment that promotes fun and enjoyment in the process, and a compensation plan that will amply provide for the needs of employees. 

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